Scientific Program

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Oscillations and waves in excitable media

12:00Registration opens
13:40Rubin AlievAutowaves: thirty years pathway from the BZ reaction through heart to the brain
14:05Alain PumirCollision of vortices
14:30Boris MalomedModels of excitable media in photonics
14:55Jörg EnderleinThe physics of Runge figures - differential geometry of moving boundary problems
15:20Coffee break
15:40Eckehard SchoellCoherence resonance chimeras in excitable systems
16:05Cristina MasollerNeural coding of weak periodic signals in symbolic spike patterns
16:30Arkady PikovskySynchronization waves in distributed oscillator populations
16:55Coffee break
17:10Alexander MedvinskyPopulation Dynamics: Mathematical Modeling vs The Real World
17:35Alberto Pérez MuñuzuriSynchronized States in Nonlinear Chemical Oscillators
18:00Azam GholamiSpatial heterogeneities shape collective behavior of signaling amoeboid cells

Monday, July 1, 2019

Excitation waves in cardiac tissue

09:15Vadim BiktashevSt. Petersburg paradox for quasiperiodically hypermeandering spiral waves
09:40Roman GrigorievRobust approach to rotor mapping in excitable media
10:05Sergio AlonsoAn excitable wave zigzagging inside a maze is responsible for the generation of dangerous reentries in cardiac tissue
10:30Simonetta FilippiA space-time correlation analysis for emerging behavior and period doubling bifurcation in the cardiac tissue
10:55Coffee break
11:20Valentin KrinskiTwo approaches to the low energy painless defibrillation
11:45Henggui ZhangMultiscale and multiphysics model of the heart - from physics of excitable media to cardiac arrhythmias
12:10Irina BiktashevaSpiral waves: self-organised wave-particle duality in dissipative oscillatory and excitable media
12:35Marcel HörningSelf-organized excitable waves in small three-dimensional geometrically confined systems.
13:00Lunch break
13:40Poster Session
14:30Marcus HauserScroll wave interactions
14:55Richard ClaytonScroll waves in the human heart
15:20Oliver BernusThree-dimensional optical imaging of ventricular activity
15:55Jan ChristophMechanical fingerprints of electrical vortices in elastic excitable media: novel opportunities for reconstructing intramural dynamics using echocardiography
16:20Coffee break
16:40Leon GlassGeometry as a bifurcation parameter in cardiac dynamics
17:05Alexander PanfilovMechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias due to Early afterdepolarizations
17:30Blas EchebarriaEffects of microstructure on calcium dynamics in atrial cells
17:55Daniel PijnappelsSelf-restoration of rhythm in cardiac excitable media
18:20Break / transfer to dinner place
20:30Alexander PanfilovValentin Krinski - A pioneer in 50 years of research on excitable media
23:00Transfer to City

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

DZHK-Session: Control of cardiac arrhythmia

09:15Eberhard BodenschatzFast propagation regions cause self-sustained reentry in excitable media
09:40Philip BittihnHeterogeneities in excitable media - challenges and opportunities in the context of cardiac arrhythmias
10:05Alexey GlukovDisruption of caveolar microdomains alters subcellular calcium handling and creates “hot spots” for arrhythmogenic ectopic activity in distinct regions of the atria in heart failure mice
10:30Oleg AslanidiPredicting Locations of Re-entrant Drivers from Patient-Specific Distribution of Fibrosis in the Left Atrium
10:55Coffee break
11:20Igor EfimovCritical mass of fibrillation in human heart
11:45Alena TalkachovaRotors in atrial fibrillation: evidences and detection for patient-specific catheter ablation
12:10Niels OtaniTermination of multiple reentrant waves by the surface impact of electric field pulses
12:35Markus BärMechanism of underdrive pacing for low-energy defibrillation
13:00Lunch break
13:40Wolfram ZimmermannBioengineering of Electromechanically Integrated Cardiomyocyte Networks for in vitro and in vivo Applications
14:05Yong WangModeling helps Tissue Engineered Heart Repair
14:30Emilia EntchevaMassively-parallel all-optical cardiac electrophysiology
14:55Alexander TepleninEctopic waves from optogenetically controlled zone of depolarization elicited by resonant frequency of cardiac rhythm, the interplay between instability and bistability
15:20Coffee Break
15:40Callum Zgierski-JohnstonListening to voltage in the heart to disentangle mechanisms of arrhythmias
16:05Tobias BrügmannEnlighten the heart: Optogenetics to understand and (maybe) treat the heart
16:30Rupamanjari MajumderReal-time optical control of free and pinned spiral waves in a spatially extended excitable biological system
16:55Claudia RichterShedding Light on the Heart – About cardiac rhythm control using optogenetics
17:25Stefan LutherClosing remarks

Poster Session

Edda Boccia, Anna Palmisano, Davide Vignale, Alessandro Del Maschio, Francesco De Cobelli, and Antonio EspositoAn automatic computation method to quantify myocardial extracellular volume fraction from cardiac CT: comparison with cardiac MR
Pavel Buran, and Markus BärMechanism of underdrive pacing for low-energy defibrillation
Filippo Cosi, Wolfgang Giese, Wilhelm Neubert, Stefan Luther, Nagaiah Chamakuri, Ulrich Parlitz, and Martin FalckeMulti-scale modeling of dyadic structure–function relationships in ventricular cardiac myocytes
Tim De Coster, Daniel Pijnappels, and Alexander PanfilovModelling partial activation patterns during persistent atrial fibrillation in a recently developed model of human atrial cells.
Sebastian Herzog, Parlitz Ulrich, and Florentin WörgötterPredicting and observing chaotic dynamics in excitable media using machine learning
Sayedeh Hussaini, Rupamanjari Majumder, Stefan Luther, and Claudia RichterControl of Cardiac Arrhythmia in an Ionic Light-Responsive Model of Ventricular Mouse Heart
Vineesh Kappadan, Johannes Schröder-Schetelig, Ulrich Parlitz, Stefan Luther, and Jan ChristophStudy of electro-mechanical restitution in Langendorff-perfused beating rabbit hearts using ratiometric imaging and marker-free motion tracking
Jan Lebert and Jan ChristophSynchronization-based Reconstruction of Electromechanical Wave Dynamics
Thomas Lilienkamp, Marcel Aron, and Ulrich ParlitzThe role of transient spiral wave dynamics in cardiac arrhythmias
Florian Spreckelsen, Stefan Luther, and Ulrich ParlitzSynchronization of Visco-elastically Coupled Excitable Oscillators
Raúl Quiñonez Uribe, Stefan Luther, and Claudia RichterOptogenetic Arrhythmia Termination Using Global Illumination